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Family Crest and Information on the Van Tassel Family of Digby NS

The Van Tassel Family Crest

To all those that may read this and find that there is an error in spelling or the wrong date and changes need to be made. Please do not hesitate to contact Norm at and I will gladly make the necessary changes. Most of the information is passed on and there are also typing errors to be considered. We can only add the information given to us. We appreciate all the help we can get. For Information on the Van Tassel Family the driving force behind the research and development of the genealogy of this family is Michael H Pazurik, Suite 239 - 1399 Bay Ave, Trail, BC Canada VIR 3A7. Michael and his Mother Mary Pazurik (deceased) have worked very hard over the years doing the research on this family. Michael is now following through on the project and is offering the complete genealogy of the Van Tassel Family from 1625 to present on CD. His e - mail address is Please keep him advised of changes and new arrivals in your family. To date there have been over 9000 entries in database of people born or adopted in the Van Tassel Family. Michael welcomes daily updates. The Van Tassel CD is now available @$35.00 US plus actual shipping. He requires a valid snail mail address. The following is only a small piece of the many Van Tassel's out there and only one of the families from Digby, NS. If you can help me fill in any blanks on the Stephen John Van Tassel of Digby please contact me at Enjoy the following blog.

A follow up of the Van Tassel's of New York State to present day Van Tassel's of Digby, NS. Abraham Van Tassel was born in New York State and was married to a Dutch Woman in NYC whose name is unknown to the grandchildren. Abraham was a Loyalist who was in NYC at the outbreak of hostilities. At the end of the war he and his family went with others to Canada and settled in Digby, NS. He obtained a grant of 200 acres of land from the government in 1801 and that farm was still in the family in 1896. Abraham is quoted in the book "A Geography and History of the Country of Digby" as being the founder of Mount Pleasant, NS having owned town lot 301. He died of Pleurisy in Digby, NS. There is no record of marriage or who he was married to but the following names are listed as his children. Jan born 1771, Polly born 1779, Annie born 1781, Rebecca born 1783, Abraham born 1785, John Isaac born 1787, Jacob born 3/24/1789, Leah, no date and Phebe, no date. John Isaac born 1787 died 1869 - Son of Abraham John Isaac was married twice and the following children from this marriage were William (Polly) born 12/17/1807 died 12/2/1838. The children from this marriage were William Brooke born 10/9/ 1816, Abraham no date, James Thomas 6/24/1824, Harriet Arnemila (Elmira) 8/12/1818 bp 12/19/ 1818 died by 1898, Rebecca no date, Robert Isaac bp 9/17 1813 George 4/23/1826, Eliza born 1815, Amelia Henrietta born 4/21/1830, Mary Ann 1810, Charles Stewart born 1833, Reuben born 5/22/1820, Isaac no date and John Leonard no date. As mentioned John Isaac 1787 - 1869 son of Abraham was married twice, he was married to O'Flaherty Bridgid (Bridget) Ireland no date of marriage or birth date nor death of second wife. The children of the 2nd marriage are listed as Colman Farley 3/9/1844, Catherine 11/6/1848, Eden born 1845, Wentworth Mead born 1846, David H born 5/9/1851, Michael born 1853 may have travelled to Boston MA, Stephen born 1856 NS, Hebert born 1856 NS, Adelide born 1841 and Edward Fraser born 3/10/1824 single of Buffalo Eric Co, NY when last heard from. John Leonard Van Tassel born, no date, died 1910. This is the second of John Van Tassel sons of John Isaac Van Tassel. He is listed as having 26 children and was considered a lost line but connections apparently were confirmed through family records. The 1881 census has a John Leonard Van Tassel Mariner with Elizabeth 28 with children John S and Caroline. We have a report on WEB 10/1/2001 showing the demise of Mrs James Butler which fits the first wife of John Leonard Van Tassel. There is also a report of WEB of the demise of John L Van Tassel in 1912. It is believed that John Leonard Van Tassel was married to his first wife Amero Eliz (Elizabeth) 1830 - 1915 NB it is believed that she later became Mrs. Butler 2nd wife Manzer Mary (Maria) they show Cynthia age 41 on 1871 census of John Leonard were Stephen John 11/23/1880, Charles
Edward born 1862, John Harold, born 1855, Archibald Manzer born 5/26/ 1866, Caroline (Carrie) born 10/1880, Bertha Ellen 7/22/1882, Walter no date not shown in 1871, or 1891 census; killed in action 9/28/1916, Regimental number 70009, Edward 5/2/1889, Georgiana no date, Sarah C 1/1871 census could be m 3/16/1894 Handford, Thomas, Adelaide 1864 from 1871 & 1881 census, Alice 1842 from 1871 census and Johanna c 1859 NS shown in family home 1871 census. This is a complicated record for John Leonard Van Tassel raised two boys Harry (Happy Jack) and Harold whose real names were Johnson. The last four children are shown
as being John Leonard Van Tassel and Mary Manzer but may not be. There was also a daughter named "Lottie" who was raised by them. By reading this you will now be as confused as I am and if you can shed any light on what I have copied please contact me at

Dedication of the Headstone of Stephen John & Elizabeth Van Tassel

Blessing of the Headstone for Stephen John & Maria
Elizabeth Van Tassel. 22 Oct 2006

A large group of the descendants of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth gathered together at the Grace UnitedChurch Cemetery. The blessing was done by Rev. Wayne Smith of the Grace United church and arranged by Brian Van Tassel of Falmouth, NS. Because it is fifty years after the fact, many have never met Stephen and Maria but have heard of them through their parents. The stone was designed by Norm Van Tassel of Winnipeg, Manitoba and he and Brian Van Tassel followed through with a plan to have the stone erected on the grave site of their grandparents. We thank those that attended the service on that cold day in October and to Bonnie Van Tassell for hosting the luncheon after and to Evelyn Sullivan and Pauline Tangredi for assisting Bonnie. Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel will now be recognized when people walk by their resting place. On the back of the Headstone are also listed the names of the children of Stephen and Elizabeth for all to look at. I am sure both were looking down on you that day. We thank you all for taking part.


Posted by Picasa Grace United Church Cemetery Digby, Nova Scotia.

The final resting place of Stephen John& Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel. Thank you to those that contributed to the cost of the stone placed in memory of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth on the 22 Oct 2006.The idea came when it was found that the old homestead was burnt down & there was nothing left to remember these two pioneers of Digby anymore. From further research it was found that there was no headstone on their grave so after meeting on line about other matters,cousins Norm and Brian formed a two man committee, the idea was born, the project started and completed. Today we have a fine stone on our grandparents restingplace for a reminder to all. On the back of the stone are listed the names of the children of Stephen John and Elizabeth. Those that pass by may now look, pause for a moment and maybe say a prayer and a thank you to this couple who were responsible for setting the pace for many of us that are here today. A special thank you to Rev. Smith for the blessing of the stone, to all those that attended from Digby and other parts of the Province of Nova Scotia, to those that put on the luncheon namely Bonnie Van Tassell the hostess, Pauline Tangredi and Evelyn Sullivan for assisting in the preparation of the food. Also a special thank you to those that dug into their pockets and made a donation to the Memorial to help offset the cost. They should be recognized regardless of the amount as the thought was there and we appreciate their support.They are: Alderdice Linda, Great Granddaughter; Buckley Myrna, Daughter and last surviving member of that family; Buckley Willard, Grandson; Carter Lori & Dugald, Great Granddaughter; Dooly Clayton, Mrs Marian E Cowan wife of Ronald Cowan, son of Thomas Cowan & grandson of Stephen John, Everett Sandy, Granddaughter, Edith & Gleason Hogan,Granddaughter, King Ann, Great Granddaughter; McKeil Evelyn, Granddaughter; Parson Dorothy, Granddaughter; Sandy McKeil Great Granddaughter; Sullivan Evelyn, Granddaughter; Tangredi Pauline, Granddaughter; Van Tassell Bonnie (Vaughn); Granddaughter; Van Tassel Brian, Grandson; Van Tassell Dale, Great grandson; Van Tassel Jason, Great Grandson;Van Tassel Neil, Great grandson; Van Tassel Norm & Lynne, Grandson; Van Tassel Gilbert Stephen, Great Grandson; Van Tassel Wayne, Grandson. To those that could give, we thank you for supporting this project and seeing it to its completion. Enjoy the following pages and if we can be of any help to you or if I have entered the wrong name or date, please let me know by mailing me at

May the road be smooth and free from bumps
for the rest of our journey here on earth.

Final Resting Place of the Van Tassel Family Digby NS

Headstone dedicated and blessed on the 22 Oct 2006

Names of the siblings of Stephen John & Elizabeth Van Tassel on back of Headstone

Final Resting place of many of the Van Tassel Family

Pictured above are the grave markers of the family of Stephen John Van Tassel and Howard Burton Van Tassel family of Digby, Nova Scotia. Top left is the marker of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel to the right of that stone is Howard Burton Van Tassel, Robina Blanche (Rice) Van Tassel and Howard Burton Jr Van Tassel. At the base of the grave of Howard Burton are the ashes of Clyde Richard Van Tassel. Not far from these stones are the stones of Joan Dawn Van Tassel and her daughter Lynn Starr Van Tassel. The Headstones for Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel were put in place on the 22 Oct 2006. Many thanks go out to members of the Van Tassel Family who got together and donated the money and had them put in place. See Stephen John's blog. The stones for the Howard Burton, Robina Blanche and Howard Jr Van Tassel were put in place by Norman Van Tassel.


Children of Stephen John & Elizabeth Van Tassel (John Leonard)

The Family of Stephen John & Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel

Pictured above are the off springs of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel of Digby, Nova Scotia. Stephen was the son of John Leonard Van Tassel. For more information on the Van Tassel Line you can contact Michael H S PAZURIK, Suite 239 - 1399 Bay Avenue, Trail BC, Canada VIR 3A9. Michael is offering the complete genealogy of the Van Tassel family from 1625 to present date on CD. Over 9000 entries are listed in his database at present of people born or adopted in the Van Tassel family. He welcomes daily updates and can be contacted at . The Van Tassel CD is now available @$35.00 US plus actual shipping
cost. He requires a valid snail mail address. You can also contact Norm Van Tassel at if I can be of any help to you. Please enjoy the information that we have put together for you the family and descendants of this proud family. Clock face of the Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel Family. Note : As information is obtained it is subject to change

The Van Tassel copy at 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches or close to it
and make your own clock if you so desire

The Clock of the Stephen John Van Tassel Family

The family clock of the Stephen John Van Tassel The 8 inch face of the clock that can be used to make your own. This clock as you can see, represents the Stephen John & Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel Family of Digby, NS. The 10 immediate members of the family make up the numbers from 2 to 11 with Stephen and Elizabeth taking the 12 and# 1 numbers. In the centre of the clock is the family crest with the Van Tassel name under the crest. The name in some of the families of the Van Tassel's is spelled differently, with minor changes. The clocks can be purchased and made up by anyone wishing to do their own design. This is an 8 inch face and the plate can be made up, put into place and you have a clock to hang on your wall with a bunch of Van Tassel's watching you. You can contact me at and I can make one up for you.

The Original Home of Stephen John Van Tassel (John Leonard)

This is the original house with the shed, outhouse and barn
where he kept his cow and horse.

The home in the late 50's early 60's. Grandpa's cleaning up
after a bad storm that blew his tree over.

The home prior to the Fire

The back view of the home

The home burnt in 2006

The lot was cleaned up and the remaining parts of the building were removed on 14 th of Feb 2007 by the town of Digby. That corner will never be the same. This was the original home of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel of Digby, Nova Scotia. It was located on the corner of Victoria and Carlton St in Digby, NS. Upon the death of Stephen John in 1958 the home changed hands many times. The barn was torn down, the lot subdivided and sold. The house itself has changed in appearance and in 2006 caught fire and burnt as you can see in the above pictures. At this time it came to the attention of Norm that there wasn't even a marker on our Grandfathers grave to remember him so, a few of the descendants got together and agreed that we should do something to remember him. The stone was designed by Norm who got the support of his cousin Brian Van Tassel in Falmouth and we began to let the other descendants know what our plan was. The end result was a stone of remembrance was put in place on the 22 Oct 2006 to remember Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel. They will now be remembered by the immediate remaining families as well as the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those in the upcoming generations. For more info you can contact

Where the home once stood of Stephen John Van Tassel

All that remains from the Stephen John Van Tassel Home Stead is the fresh soil showing where the home once stood on the corner of Victoria and Carlton St Digby NS.

The Vacant lot of one Stephen John Van Tassel Victoria St Digby NS.

These are the last pictures of the lot where the home of Stephen John Van Tassel once stood. Many of Van Tassel Children were brought up on this lot and have moved on. All there is left is the memories for a lot of us. They are in most cases all good ones.


Stephen John Van Tassel (John Leonard)

Stephen John Van Tassel born 11/23/1880 died 11/7/58
Stephen John was married 9/29/1898 to Maria Elizabeth (Weagle) of Lunenburg, NS. She was
on born in 1877 died 5/1/1965. Stephen was the son of John Leonard Van Tassel of Digby who
also was from a large family. Until recently the connections to the family line were not made.
Stephen and Maria had 10 children names are listed under Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel. Stephen John was employed at the Digby wharf where the ferry from St John to Digby docked and had a small farm to keep himself busy and to feed his very large family. His neighbors were also his family members Howard Burton and Dorothy Harlow, his son and daughter. He was also involved in the Digby Fire Dept. He was a dedicated family man, hard worker and an asset
to his community. During the war years he had 3 sons and 1 daughter that served in the Military (1939-45) 2nd WW. His grandchildren and great grandchildren followed in the same direction and several of them joined the forces, the RCMP and also the Fire Dept. They served in Korea, Peacekeeping Missions and Canada. Pictured above are Stephen John, his son Ronald Eugene, his daughter Myrna Madeline, his wife Maria Elizabeth and the good looking young lady is Evelyn (Clark) Sullivan. You see Grandpa's you planted the seeds

You see Grandpa's you planted the seeds

Posted by Picasa A Family Gathering at Grandpa and Grandma Van Tassel' s

I for one have never seen nor remember such a large gathering of the Van Tassel family. I thank Douglas Van Tassel of Digby for sending me this picture. He was going through some old pictures and came across it. The picture itself is priceless. Back row L to R - Clyde Richard Van Tassel, Evelyn Clarke, Leona McKee, Florence Van Tassel, Ronald Cowan, James Van Tassel, Norman Van Tassel and Victor McKee. Front row L to R - Pauline Van Tassel, Joan Van Tassel, Donna Van Tassel is the baby being held by Howard Jr Van Tassel, Paul Winchester, and Lowell & Ronnie (Butch) Winchester. Judging from Donna's picture and & birth date which was 1940 we can assume that this picture was taken in 1940 or 1941 during the war years. We thank Doug for the picture.

Maria Elizabeth (Weagle) Van Tassel Wife of (Stephen John)

Stephen John Van Tassel, Debbie Sullivan daughter of Evelyn (Clark) & Arthur Sullivan Daughter of Carrie (Van Tassel) Clark and grandmother Maria Elizabeth (Weagle) Van Tassel in front of the famous Apple Tree of Grandpa

Posted by Picasa Maria Elizabeth (Weagle) Van Tassel born 24/7/1878 - died 5/1/1965
In the picture are Maria Elizabeth (Weagle )Van Tassel on her knee the baby is Dorothy behind Maria is Carrie and Myrna and the boy in front is Douglas Mckay Van Tassel Maria was married to Stephen John Van Tassel on the 9/29/1898. She had 10 children of her own and took part in raising others in her family. Douglas McKay born 12/10/1900 - 1967, Caroline (Carrie) Gertrude born 4/10/1902 - 12/16/1991, Hazel Iona born 6/24/1904 - 8/11/61, Howard Burton born 1/6/1908 - 7/9/1953, Louise Isabelle born 2/4/1910 - 4/2/1910, Edith Margarite born 9/1/1912 - 10/1/1940, Reginald Lowell born 12/10/1914 - 16/11/1990, Myrna Madeline born 10/15/1916, still very active in 2007 at 90 years old and Ronald Eugene born 12/17/1919 - 11/30/1979 After the death of her husband Stephen John in 1958, Maria went to live with her youngest son Ronald until her death in 1965. What can you say about a woman that raised 10 children as well as other children that she cared for during her lifetime. We that lived close to her were always welcome in her house, of course,we knew when the goodies were being prepared. At a time when the world was in a state of war along with the depression, she and grandpa showed the leadership that only people like them could do. They worked very hard and the results were evident when you look at their future generations. You made it easier for the rest of us that had to follow. Thank you for caring for us. This picture was sent to me through Brian Van Tassel and goes back to 1905 .

There has to be a place in Heaven for you.

Douglas McKay Van Tassel (Stephen John)

Posted by Picasa
Douglas McKay Van Tassel born 12/10/1900 died 1967
Douglas married Clare Melanson on the 3/18/1918 they had two sons, Douglas Robert born 1921, died 7/19/1966 and Donald Stephen born 5/16/1923. Douglas was one of the 4 of Stephen John's Family that served in the Military during the 2ND WW. Ronald, Howard and their sister Dorothy served their country in time of need and we thank them. Douglas was advised that because of his health he should move to a drier climate, that living on the water front with the dampness would worsen his already poor health. He took the doctors advice and moved to Hamilton, Ont. Douglas passed away in Hamilton in 1967. Doug's son Douglas Robert was diagnosed with schizophrenia, received treatment for his illness and recovered well enough to become an employee of the hospital he was a patient in. Just as a foot note, it is interesting to
note that I too have a son suffering from schizophrenia. It is evident to me that it must be inherited, as in every generation there seems to be a member that has been diagnosed with
the disease. Pictured above is Douglas in uniform, his wife Clare and two sons , Douglas and
Donald in Hamilton, Ont.


Caroline(Carrie)Gertrude (Van Tassel) Clarke (Stephen John)

Caroline(Carrie) Gertrude (Van Tassel) Clarke was
born on the 18 April/1901 and died 0n 16 Dec 1991

Caroline or Carrie as she is called left home at a very young age to work in Chatham, NB as a housekeeper. She later returned to Digby and was employed at the Waverley Hotel were she met and married George Clarke. They then moved to Grand Falls, NB., then on to Toronto
where on the 26 Aug 1931 Evelyn was born. Evelyn married Arthur Sullivan and they had two children.Stephen James born 20 Jul 1950 and Deborah born 18 Feb 1954. Deborah is married to Willard Balser and they have one child named Stephen Born 6 May 1992 Arthur was employed with the town of Digby and passed away on the 9 Feb 2000. Evelyn Clarke, after the separation of her parents, was raised by her grandparents Stephen and Elizabeth of Digby, NS. Carrie obtained employment as a waitress in St John, NB at Dan's Restaurant where she worked for thirty years. She would travel back and forth on her time off to visit her daughter in Digby. Those of us that traveled the route back and forth on the ferry would stop off and visit Carrie at the restaurant.We would be treated to a free meal and sent on our way with a hug, a smile and a reminder to stop off again when we are coming that way. She was a gem and a very hard worker. Carrie passed away at in the Digby Hospital, at the age of 90. A happy ending to this story is that Carrie later on had another daughter Vivian Ruth who was born on the 12 Jun 1937 and was adopted out. Vivian was married to Joe Surette of Saulnierville, NS. He passed away 12 Jan 2001. Evelyn and Vivian were recently reunited as sisters and I am sure everyone knows that there will be a lot of catching up to do with those two girls. We wish them luck. We are happy for them.

Posted by Picasa Arthur and Evelyn Sullivan in their younger days.

Evelyn is the daughter of Carrie and Grand Daughter of Maria Elizabeth. Pictured above with her husband Arthur Sullivan in their younger days

Carrie Van Tassel at the age of 17.

On the back of the picture says it was taken in 1917. Picture sent by Willard Bucky of St Johns NB one of the Van Tassel Cousins

Howard Burton Van Tassel (Stephen John)

Howard Burton Van Tassel was born 1/6/1908 and died 7/9/1953.
He married Robena Blanche Rice on the 11/25/1929. They had 11 children. Howard Burton Jr born 6/2 1930 died 4/24/1942. He died from burns trying to save a neighbor's house from a burning pail of gas on their step. Clyde Richard Van Tassel 4/15/1931 died 29/5/1996 Winnipeg, Man., Florence Jean born 3/24/1932 died 16/3/1998, James Lawrence born 4/2/1932, Norman Reginald born 12 /18/1934, Wayne Elroy born 3/4/1936, Pauline Constance 1/5/1938, Joan Dawn born 2/23/1939, Donna Margurette born 5/14/1940, Sharon Lee
born 3/23/1942, Neil Eugene born 6/9/1943. Howard served during the 2 WW but did not go
overseas. Upon his release from the Canadian Army he took up employment as a freight handler on the wharf unloading the ferry that travelled between Digby and St John, NB. He contacted
TB at a young age and was hospitalized at Kentville, NS. He passed away in 1953 and never got to see his children grow up.

Robena Blanche (Rice) Van Tassel Born 8/11/1919 died 8/13/1964

She married Howard Burton Van Tassel born 1/6/08, died 7/9/1953. He was the son of John & Elizabeth Van Tassel of Digby, NS. They had 11 children, one died by accident at a very young age. Robina was a woman of courage and strength. During the separation from Howard who was in hospital in Kentville, NS, she was left with the responsibility of raising 10 children. One of the them had a speech and hearing disability and had to attend a special school in Halifax, NS. The
others she cared for and worked shift work at the Cornwallis Cafe where she earned the great sum of $12.00 per week plus tips and the odd time, special leftovers that she was given by the owner of the Cafe, Mr. Warren Wong. He took this woman under his care and attempted to help her as much as possible. As the children grew up, they left school early, obtained jobs as fishermen or waitresses for short periods of time, earned enough money to pay for the boat fare across the Bay of Fundy and either joined the Military or headed for Ontario to find jobs and start their own families. This lady did her job to perfection. She worked hard and watched her
children leave home to seldom return, then succumbed to the dreadful disease of cancer. She fought it to the end and passed away at the age of 50. She left behind her beliefs which were carried on by her children and that was hard work and a sense of pride in what you accomplish.

You Left This World All Too Soon.

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Grandchildren of Stephen John & Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel

The children of Howard Burton & Robina Blanche (Rice) Van Tassel of Digby, Nova Scotia. Pictured above is one of the few times this many family members got together for a special occasion in London, Ontario (1984). From L to R is Sharon (Van Tassel) Haynes of Digby, NS, Pauline (Van Tassel) Tangredi of Digby, NS, Joan Van Tassel of Digby, NS (deceased), Norman
Van Tassel of Winnipeg, Man, Donna (Van Tassel) Kranstz of Burlington, Ont, Florence (Van Tassel) Corkum of Halifax, NS (deceased) Clyde Richard Van Tassel of Winnipeg Man(deceased).

Hazel Iona (Van Tassel) McKee (Stephen John)

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Hazel Iona (Van Tassel) McKee
was born 6/24/1904 and died 8 Nov 1961.
She married William Kenneth McKee of St John, NB on the 4/4/1926, died 1953. Hazel and her family moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and upon the sudden death of her husband returned to Digby, NS. Upon learning of her cancer she returned to Winnipeg to be near her family.They had three children Alice Leona Joyal born 1926, died in Winnipeg, Victor Leonard born 1930
residing in Winnipeg and Elizabeth May born 1932 (Deceased) Winnipeg Married Bill Komas of Winnipeg. Hazel was loved and respected by all, she was a master at whatever she did and excelled in entertaining in style.

Dorothy Irene (Van Tassel) Harlow (Stephen John)

Linda Alderdice daughter of Florence (Van Tassel) Corkumand Sandy Everett daughter of Dorothy (Harlow) Van Tassel of Digby Nova Scotia picture taken at dedication of Stephen John Van Tassel stone in Digby NS Oct 2006

The late 1940s early 50' Arden (Bud) Harlow

With mother Dorothy (Van Tassel) Harlow. Bud was a member of the reserves The West Nova Scotia at the time and went onto serve in the Canadian Army Regular Forces for many years.

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Dorothy Irene (Van Tassel) Harlowborn 12/24/1905 died 8/4/1979

Married 9/27/24 to Elbert Ross Harlow born12/66/1899 died 3/14/78. They had two children
Arden Ross born 1925 and Sandra born 8/26/1950/.Sandra was adopted by Dot and Ross and is married to Leigh Everett and they reside in Digby, NS.Dorothy and Ross both served in the Cdn Army during the 2nd WW and their son Erden (Bud) served many years as a career soldier in the 50's and 60's. Erden was married to Doris Alcorn of Bear River, NS. They had 2 children and from last reports living in Calgary,Alberta. Arden has passed away, date unknown. Dorothy lived next door to her brother Howard and they lived next to Stephen John Van Tassel. They

depended upon each other a lot during the war years and the growing up of their young families. Dorothy was a great support to Howard's family and assisted in the personal development of his children, in particular Sharon, who Dorothy took under her wing to assist Robina in her times of need. Pictured above left to right are Lynne Van Tassel, wife of Norman while visiting from Winnipeg, Man., Dorothy and Ross Harlow, Sandy Harlow and the little girl is Tammie, daughter of Joan Dawn Van Tassel (1973)

Louise (Van Tassel) McKeil (Stephen John)

Gerald and Dorothy (McKeil) Parsons
We are sorry about the passing of Gerald Parsons on the 13 Nov 2006. May God give Dorothy the strength to mend the hurt that she is going though

Children of Louise (Van Tassel) McKeil
Evelyn McKeil, Louise (Van Tassel) McKeil, Sandra McKeiland Dorothy (Parsons) McKeil, children of Louise 2nd from left the daughter of Stephen John & Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel of Digby, NS.

Posted by Picasa Louise (Van Tassel) McKeil Born 4 Feb 1910 - Sept 27, 2004
She passed away at the young age of 94 in Gloucester Regional Hospital, Truro, NS. She was the daughter of the late Stephen John and Elizabeth (Weagle) Van Tassel. Her first husband Jack Maxwell was lost at sea . They had two daughters - Jean (Donald) Bourgeois, Windsor Junction; Edith Dunn, Ontario; sons - Dennis Maxwell, Ontario; Harry Maxwell, Halifax; John Red Maxwell (deceased) and two sons who died in infancy. She remarried 1 Sept 1943 to Jack McKeil born 19 Aug 1899, died 2 Jun 1976. They had three children Dorothy Mae born 11 May 45 who was a twin. She married 17 Dec 1966 to Gerald Wilbert Parsons born 6 Dec 1946. They had 4 children, two sons and two daughters. Sherry Ann (Parsons) Burke born 20 May 1967, has two sons and a daughter; Bonnie Marie (Parsons)Alber born 19 March 1968 and has one son Jordon Bradley born 23 April 1990; Clayton Harris born 6 March 1967 and has one son; Gerald Jason born 20March 1973 and has one daughter and two sons.Evelyn Diane twin to Dorothy born 11 May 1945, had one child Clayton Dooly and resides in Quebec. The other sister Sandra Vivian born 20 Jan 1944 (nicknamed Pidge) lived with her grandmother and after her demise is now living with her sister Dorothy in Truro, NS. Louise was predeceased by her husband Jack Maxwell, her second husband Clayton McKeil, son John Red Maxwell and two sons in infancy. She was buried in Lower Selma-Noel Shore Cemetery, Lower Selma , NS.

Edith Marguerite (Van Tassel) Stephen John

Posted by Picasa Edith Marguerite (Van Tassel) Cowan
was born 9/1/1912 and died 10/01/1940 in Toronto, Ontario.
She was married to Thomas Pierce Cowan born 1900, died 6/27/1983. They had two children
Ronald Eugene born 1928 passed away in Sarnia, Ont., 11 Apr 2003 and Edith Margurette Cowan born 12/30/1939. Thomas remarried Ada Collins of Digby, NS. They lived on Victoria St,
Digby, NS. He operated a grocery store for many years where most of the locals did their shopping and the kids spent their allowances at uncle Tom's store. It is now a musical equipment shop run by Thomas Jr. Cowan. Edith was married to Ted Essex, they had four children Phyllis Ann Mooney (Essex), Phillip Essex, and Timothy Essex. Edith remarried
the 2nd time to Gleason Hogan of Young's Cove, NS.Edith and Gleason both have interesting hobbies and Edith is well known for her quilts and Gleason for his paintings and carvings. They have a web-site It is told that all of Edith's children chose professional careers and are employed in different countries around the world. Pictured above are pictures of Edith, her mother Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel, son Ronald and a picture of Edith and her husband Gleason.

Reginald Lowell Van Tassel (Stephen John)

Grave Marker of Reginald and Theta VAN TASSELL of Digby NS

Reginald Lowell Van Tassell born 10 Dec 1913 died 16 Nov 1990
Above in picture Ronald Eugene Van Tassell, Theta (Winchester) Van Tassel & Husband Reginald Lowell Van Tassel He married Theta Louise Winchester of Digby, NS. They had two children Vaughn Lowell 1/29/36 and Dale Erwin born 12/31/1945. Note: added the extra L to their last name. Reginald worked for many years (40) for the Canadian Pacific Railway as a truck driver from Digby to many parts of Nova Scotia. Reg suffered for many years before his death.
Rest in Peace

Grave Marker of Vaughn Lowell VanTassel of Digby NS

Vaughn Lowell Van Tassell born 1/29/1936 -11/25/2005
Vaughn married Bonnie Phyllis Mae Dunn of Digby, NS. He was the son of Reginald Lowell and Theta (Winchester) Van Tassel of Digby, NS. They had 3 children, Jeffrey Vaughn, born 8/30/1963, Lori Lynn born 11/23/1965 & Heather Dawn born 1/21/71. The following poem
was read at the funeral of Vaughn Lowell Van Tassell.

The Firefighters Prayer

When I 'm called to duty, God Whatever flames may
rage, Give me the strength to save a life whatever be
the age. Help me embrace a child before it is too late,
or save an older person from the horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout,
and quickly and efficiently put the fire out. I want to
fill my calling and to give the best I can, to guard
my neighbor and protect his property. And if according
to my fate I am to fall to flames I cannot douse,
Please bless with your protecting hand my children
and my spouse.


Posted by Picasa The family of Reginald and Vaughn Van Tassell of Digby, NS

They joined with other Van Tassel's to remember their Grandfather and Grandmother by placing a stone on their Grave on the 22 Oct 2006. The blessing was done by Rev Wayne Smith of the Grace United Church in Digby, NS. Pictured above from L to R - Rev Wayne Smith, Jeffrey Van Tassell son of Vaughn, Bonnie Van Tassell widow of Vaughn, Dale Van Tassell son of Reginald brother of Vaughn, Michael son of Jeffrey, Lorrie wife of Jeffrey and Stacey daughter of Jeffrey. We thank them for their support and we thank Bonnie for the lunch after the blessing. The many relatives appreciate it.

They joined with other Van Tassel's to remember their Grandfather & Grandmother