Friday, November 17, 2006

Douglas McKay Van Tassel (Stephen John)

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Douglas McKay Van Tassel born 12/10/1900 died 1967
Douglas married Clare Melanson on the 3/18/1918 they had two sons, Douglas Robert born 1921, died 7/19/1966 and Donald Stephen born 5/16/1923. Douglas was one of the 4 of Stephen John's Family that served in the Military during the 2ND WW. Ronald, Howard and their sister Dorothy served their country in time of need and we thank them. Douglas was advised that because of his health he should move to a drier climate, that living on the water front with the dampness would worsen his already poor health. He took the doctors advice and moved to Hamilton, Ont. Douglas passed away in Hamilton in 1967. Doug's son Douglas Robert was diagnosed with schizophrenia, received treatment for his illness and recovered well enough to become an employee of the hospital he was a patient in. Just as a foot note, it is interesting to
note that I too have a son suffering from schizophrenia. It is evident to me that it must be inherited, as in every generation there seems to be a member that has been diagnosed with
the disease. Pictured above is Douglas in uniform, his wife Clare and two sons , Douglas and
Donald in Hamilton, Ont.


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cecilia lorntsen said...

i am trying to find information on my husband faimily he was adopted from st john orphange in 1958 his birth name was douglas vantassel born april 16 1958 he went there when he was born adopted at a couple months old do you know if anyone had a child of such ..we know his mom was married but husband wasent the father had to chose she gave baby up she had 2 or 3 other childern already birth father worked in a garage of sorts any info will help his adoped family are gone with his mom passing away year and half ago its just him now