Friday, November 17, 2006

Children of Stephen John & Elizabeth Van Tassel (John Leonard)

The Family of Stephen John & Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel

Pictured above are the off springs of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel of Digby, Nova Scotia. Stephen was the son of John Leonard Van Tassel. For more information on the Van Tassel Line you can contact Michael H S PAZURIK, Suite 239 - 1399 Bay Avenue, Trail BC, Canada VIR 3A9. Michael is offering the complete genealogy of the Van Tassel family from 1625 to present date on CD. Over 9000 entries are listed in his database at present of people born or adopted in the Van Tassel family. He welcomes daily updates and can be contacted at . The Van Tassel CD is now available @$35.00 US plus actual shipping
cost. He requires a valid snail mail address. You can also contact Norm Van Tassel at if I can be of any help to you. Please enjoy the information that we have put together for you the family and descendants of this proud family. Clock face of the Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel Family. Note : As information is obtained it is subject to change

The Van Tassel copy at 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches or close to it
and make your own clock if you so desire

The Clock of the Stephen John Van Tassel Family

The family clock of the Stephen John Van Tassel The 8 inch face of the clock that can be used to make your own. This clock as you can see, represents the Stephen John & Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel Family of Digby, NS. The 10 immediate members of the family make up the numbers from 2 to 11 with Stephen and Elizabeth taking the 12 and# 1 numbers. In the centre of the clock is the family crest with the Van Tassel name under the crest. The name in some of the families of the Van Tassel's is spelled differently, with minor changes. The clocks can be purchased and made up by anyone wishing to do their own design. This is an 8 inch face and the plate can be made up, put into place and you have a clock to hang on your wall with a bunch of Van Tassel's watching you. You can contact me at and I can make one up for you.

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