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Howard Burton Van Tassel (Stephen John)

Howard Burton Van Tassel was born 1/6/1908 and died 7/9/1953.
He married Robena Blanche Rice on the 11/25/1929. They had 11 children. Howard Burton Jr born 6/2 1930 died 4/24/1942. He died from burns trying to save a neighbor's house from a burning pail of gas on their step. Clyde Richard Van Tassel 4/15/1931 died 29/5/1996 Winnipeg, Man., Florence Jean born 3/24/1932 died 16/3/1998, James Lawrence born 4/2/1932, Norman Reginald born 12 /18/1934, Wayne Elroy born 3/4/1936, Pauline Constance 1/5/1938, Joan Dawn born 2/23/1939, Donna Margurette born 5/14/1940, Sharon Lee
born 3/23/1942, Neil Eugene born 6/9/1943. Howard served during the 2 WW but did not go
overseas. Upon his release from the Canadian Army he took up employment as a freight handler on the wharf unloading the ferry that travelled between Digby and St John, NB. He contacted
TB at a young age and was hospitalized at Kentville, NS. He passed away in 1953 and never got to see his children grow up.

Robena Blanche (Rice) Van Tassel Born 8/11/1919 died 8/13/1964

She married Howard Burton Van Tassel born 1/6/08, died 7/9/1953. He was the son of John & Elizabeth Van Tassel of Digby, NS. They had 11 children, one died by accident at a very young age. Robina was a woman of courage and strength. During the separation from Howard who was in hospital in Kentville, NS, she was left with the responsibility of raising 10 children. One of the them had a speech and hearing disability and had to attend a special school in Halifax, NS. The
others she cared for and worked shift work at the Cornwallis Cafe where she earned the great sum of $12.00 per week plus tips and the odd time, special leftovers that she was given by the owner of the Cafe, Mr. Warren Wong. He took this woman under his care and attempted to help her as much as possible. As the children grew up, they left school early, obtained jobs as fishermen or waitresses for short periods of time, earned enough money to pay for the boat fare across the Bay of Fundy and either joined the Military or headed for Ontario to find jobs and start their own families. This lady did her job to perfection. She worked hard and watched her
children leave home to seldom return, then succumbed to the dreadful disease of cancer. She fought it to the end and passed away at the age of 50. She left behind her beliefs which were carried on by her children and that was hard work and a sense of pride in what you accomplish.

You Left This World All Too Soon.

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Grandchildren of Stephen John & Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel

The children of Howard Burton & Robina Blanche (Rice) Van Tassel of Digby, Nova Scotia. Pictured above is one of the few times this many family members got together for a special occasion in London, Ontario (1984). From L to R is Sharon (Van Tassel) Haynes of Digby, NS, Pauline (Van Tassel) Tangredi of Digby, NS, Joan Van Tassel of Digby, NS (deceased), Norman
Van Tassel of Winnipeg, Man, Donna (Van Tassel) Kranstz of Burlington, Ont, Florence (Van Tassel) Corkum of Halifax, NS (deceased) Clyde Richard Van Tassel of Winnipeg Man(deceased).

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