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Family Crest and Information on the Van Tassel Family of Digby NS

The Van Tassel Family Crest

To all those that may read this and find that there is an error in spelling or the wrong date and changes need to be made. Please do not hesitate to contact Norm at and I will gladly make the necessary changes. Most of the information is passed on and there are also typing errors to be considered. We can only add the information given to us. We appreciate all the help we can get. For Information on the Van Tassel Family the driving force behind the research and development of the genealogy of this family is Michael H Pazurik, Suite 239 - 1399 Bay Ave, Trail, BC Canada VIR 3A7. Michael and his Mother Mary Pazurik (deceased) have worked very hard over the years doing the research on this family. Michael is now following through on the project and is offering the complete genealogy of the Van Tassel Family from 1625 to present on CD. His e - mail address is Please keep him advised of changes and new arrivals in your family. To date there have been over 9000 entries in database of people born or adopted in the Van Tassel Family. Michael welcomes daily updates. The Van Tassel CD is now available @$35.00 US plus actual shipping. He requires a valid snail mail address. The following is only a small piece of the many Van Tassel's out there and only one of the families from Digby, NS. If you can help me fill in any blanks on the Stephen John Van Tassel of Digby please contact me at Enjoy the following blog.

A follow up of the Van Tassel's of New York State to present day Van Tassel's of Digby, NS. Abraham Van Tassel was born in New York State and was married to a Dutch Woman in NYC whose name is unknown to the grandchildren. Abraham was a Loyalist who was in NYC at the outbreak of hostilities. At the end of the war he and his family went with others to Canada and settled in Digby, NS. He obtained a grant of 200 acres of land from the government in 1801 and that farm was still in the family in 1896. Abraham is quoted in the book "A Geography and History of the Country of Digby" as being the founder of Mount Pleasant, NS having owned town lot 301. He died of Pleurisy in Digby, NS. There is no record of marriage or who he was married to but the following names are listed as his children. Jan born 1771, Polly born 1779, Annie born 1781, Rebecca born 1783, Abraham born 1785, John Isaac born 1787, Jacob born 3/24/1789, Leah, no date and Phebe, no date. John Isaac born 1787 died 1869 - Son of Abraham John Isaac was married twice and the following children from this marriage were William (Polly) born 12/17/1807 died 12/2/1838. The children from this marriage were William Brooke born 10/9/ 1816, Abraham no date, James Thomas 6/24/1824, Harriet Arnemila (Elmira) 8/12/1818 bp 12/19/ 1818 died by 1898, Rebecca no date, Robert Isaac bp 9/17 1813 George 4/23/1826, Eliza born 1815, Amelia Henrietta born 4/21/1830, Mary Ann 1810, Charles Stewart born 1833, Reuben born 5/22/1820, Isaac no date and John Leonard no date. As mentioned John Isaac 1787 - 1869 son of Abraham was married twice, he was married to O'Flaherty Bridgid (Bridget) Ireland no date of marriage or birth date nor death of second wife. The children of the 2nd marriage are listed as Colman Farley 3/9/1844, Catherine 11/6/1848, Eden born 1845, Wentworth Mead born 1846, David H born 5/9/1851, Michael born 1853 may have travelled to Boston MA, Stephen born 1856 NS, Hebert born 1856 NS, Adelide born 1841 and Edward Fraser born 3/10/1824 single of Buffalo Eric Co, NY when last heard from. John Leonard Van Tassel born, no date, died 1910. This is the second of John Van Tassel sons of John Isaac Van Tassel. He is listed as having 26 children and was considered a lost line but connections apparently were confirmed through family records. The 1881 census has a John Leonard Van Tassel Mariner with Elizabeth 28 with children John S and Caroline. We have a report on WEB 10/1/2001 showing the demise of Mrs James Butler which fits the first wife of John Leonard Van Tassel. There is also a report of WEB of the demise of John L Van Tassel in 1912. It is believed that John Leonard Van Tassel was married to his first wife Amero Eliz (Elizabeth) 1830 - 1915 NB it is believed that she later became Mrs. Butler 2nd wife Manzer Mary (Maria) they show Cynthia age 41 on 1871 census of John Leonard were Stephen John 11/23/1880, Charles
Edward born 1862, John Harold, born 1855, Archibald Manzer born 5/26/ 1866, Caroline (Carrie) born 10/1880, Bertha Ellen 7/22/1882, Walter no date not shown in 1871, or 1891 census; killed in action 9/28/1916, Regimental number 70009, Edward 5/2/1889, Georgiana no date, Sarah C 1/1871 census could be m 3/16/1894 Handford, Thomas, Adelaide 1864 from 1871 & 1881 census, Alice 1842 from 1871 census and Johanna c 1859 NS shown in family home 1871 census. This is a complicated record for John Leonard Van Tassel raised two boys Harry (Happy Jack) and Harold whose real names were Johnson. The last four children are shown
as being John Leonard Van Tassel and Mary Manzer but may not be. There was also a daughter named "Lottie" who was raised by them. By reading this you will now be as confused as I am and if you can shed any light on what I have copied please contact me at

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