Friday, November 17, 2006

Dorothy Irene (Van Tassel) Harlow (Stephen John)

Linda Alderdice daughter of Florence (Van Tassel) Corkumand Sandy Everett daughter of Dorothy (Harlow) Van Tassel of Digby Nova Scotia picture taken at dedication of Stephen John Van Tassel stone in Digby NS Oct 2006

The late 1940s early 50' Arden (Bud) Harlow

With mother Dorothy (Van Tassel) Harlow. Bud was a member of the reserves The West Nova Scotia at the time and went onto serve in the Canadian Army Regular Forces for many years.

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Dorothy Irene (Van Tassel) Harlowborn 12/24/1905 died 8/4/1979

Married 9/27/24 to Elbert Ross Harlow born12/66/1899 died 3/14/78. They had two children
Arden Ross born 1925 and Sandra born 8/26/1950/.Sandra was adopted by Dot and Ross and is married to Leigh Everett and they reside in Digby, NS.Dorothy and Ross both served in the Cdn Army during the 2nd WW and their son Erden (Bud) served many years as a career soldier in the 50's and 60's. Erden was married to Doris Alcorn of Bear River, NS. They had 2 children and from last reports living in Calgary,Alberta. Arden has passed away, date unknown. Dorothy lived next door to her brother Howard and they lived next to Stephen John Van Tassel. They

depended upon each other a lot during the war years and the growing up of their young families. Dorothy was a great support to Howard's family and assisted in the personal development of his children, in particular Sharon, who Dorothy took under her wing to assist Robina in her times of need. Pictured above left to right are Lynne Van Tassel, wife of Norman while visiting from Winnipeg, Man., Dorothy and Ross Harlow, Sandy Harlow and the little girl is Tammie, daughter of Joan Dawn Van Tassel (1973)

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