Friday, November 17, 2006

Maria Elizabeth (Weagle) Van Tassel Wife of (Stephen John)

Stephen John Van Tassel, Debbie Sullivan daughter of Evelyn (Clark) & Arthur Sullivan Daughter of Carrie (Van Tassel) Clark and grandmother Maria Elizabeth (Weagle) Van Tassel in front of the famous Apple Tree of Grandpa

Posted by Picasa Maria Elizabeth (Weagle) Van Tassel born 24/7/1878 - died 5/1/1965
In the picture are Maria Elizabeth (Weagle )Van Tassel on her knee the baby is Dorothy behind Maria is Carrie and Myrna and the boy in front is Douglas Mckay Van Tassel Maria was married to Stephen John Van Tassel on the 9/29/1898. She had 10 children of her own and took part in raising others in her family. Douglas McKay born 12/10/1900 - 1967, Caroline (Carrie) Gertrude born 4/10/1902 - 12/16/1991, Hazel Iona born 6/24/1904 - 8/11/61, Howard Burton born 1/6/1908 - 7/9/1953, Louise Isabelle born 2/4/1910 - 4/2/1910, Edith Margarite born 9/1/1912 - 10/1/1940, Reginald Lowell born 12/10/1914 - 16/11/1990, Myrna Madeline born 10/15/1916, still very active in 2007 at 90 years old and Ronald Eugene born 12/17/1919 - 11/30/1979 After the death of her husband Stephen John in 1958, Maria went to live with her youngest son Ronald until her death in 1965. What can you say about a woman that raised 10 children as well as other children that she cared for during her lifetime. We that lived close to her were always welcome in her house, of course,we knew when the goodies were being prepared. At a time when the world was in a state of war along with the depression, she and grandpa showed the leadership that only people like them could do. They worked very hard and the results were evident when you look at their future generations. You made it easier for the rest of us that had to follow. Thank you for caring for us. This picture was sent to me through Brian Van Tassel and goes back to 1905 .

There has to be a place in Heaven for you.

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