Friday, November 17, 2006

The Original Home of Stephen John Van Tassel (John Leonard)

This is the original house with the shed, outhouse and barn
where he kept his cow and horse.

The home in the late 50's early 60's. Grandpa's cleaning up
after a bad storm that blew his tree over.

The home prior to the Fire

The back view of the home

The home burnt in 2006

The lot was cleaned up and the remaining parts of the building were removed on 14 th of Feb 2007 by the town of Digby. That corner will never be the same. This was the original home of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel of Digby, Nova Scotia. It was located on the corner of Victoria and Carlton St in Digby, NS. Upon the death of Stephen John in 1958 the home changed hands many times. The barn was torn down, the lot subdivided and sold. The house itself has changed in appearance and in 2006 caught fire and burnt as you can see in the above pictures. At this time it came to the attention of Norm that there wasn't even a marker on our Grandfathers grave to remember him so, a few of the descendants got together and agreed that we should do something to remember him. The stone was designed by Norm who got the support of his cousin Brian Van Tassel in Falmouth and we began to let the other descendants know what our plan was. The end result was a stone of remembrance was put in place on the 22 Oct 2006 to remember Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel. They will now be remembered by the immediate remaining families as well as the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those in the upcoming generations. For more info you can contact

Where the home once stood of Stephen John Van Tassel

All that remains from the Stephen John Van Tassel Home Stead is the fresh soil showing where the home once stood on the corner of Victoria and Carlton St Digby NS.

The Vacant lot of one Stephen John Van Tassel Victoria St Digby NS.

These are the last pictures of the lot where the home of Stephen John Van Tassel once stood. Many of Van Tassel Children were brought up on this lot and have moved on. All there is left is the memories for a lot of us. They are in most cases all good ones.


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