Friday, November 17, 2006

Edith Marguerite (Van Tassel) Stephen John

Posted by Picasa Edith Marguerite (Van Tassel) Cowan
was born 9/1/1912 and died 10/01/1940 in Toronto, Ontario.
She was married to Thomas Pierce Cowan born 1900, died 6/27/1983. They had two children
Ronald Eugene born 1928 passed away in Sarnia, Ont., 11 Apr 2003 and Edith Margurette Cowan born 12/30/1939. Thomas remarried Ada Collins of Digby, NS. They lived on Victoria St,
Digby, NS. He operated a grocery store for many years where most of the locals did their shopping and the kids spent their allowances at uncle Tom's store. It is now a musical equipment shop run by Thomas Jr. Cowan. Edith was married to Ted Essex, they had four children Phyllis Ann Mooney (Essex), Phillip Essex, and Timothy Essex. Edith remarried
the 2nd time to Gleason Hogan of Young's Cove, NS.Edith and Gleason both have interesting hobbies and Edith is well known for her quilts and Gleason for his paintings and carvings. They have a web-site It is told that all of Edith's children chose professional careers and are employed in different countries around the world. Pictured above are pictures of Edith, her mother Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel, son Ronald and a picture of Edith and her husband Gleason.

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