Friday, November 17, 2006

Dedication of the Headstone of Stephen John & Elizabeth Van Tassel

Blessing of the Headstone for Stephen John & Maria
Elizabeth Van Tassel. 22 Oct 2006

A large group of the descendants of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth gathered together at the Grace UnitedChurch Cemetery. The blessing was done by Rev. Wayne Smith of the Grace United church and arranged by Brian Van Tassel of Falmouth, NS. Because it is fifty years after the fact, many have never met Stephen and Maria but have heard of them through their parents. The stone was designed by Norm Van Tassel of Winnipeg, Manitoba and he and Brian Van Tassel followed through with a plan to have the stone erected on the grave site of their grandparents. We thank those that attended the service on that cold day in October and to Bonnie Van Tassell for hosting the luncheon after and to Evelyn Sullivan and Pauline Tangredi for assisting Bonnie. Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel will now be recognized when people walk by their resting place. On the back of the Headstone are also listed the names of the children of Stephen and Elizabeth for all to look at. I am sure both were looking down on you that day. We thank you all for taking part.


Posted by Picasa Grace United Church Cemetery Digby, Nova Scotia.

The final resting place of Stephen John& Maria Elizabeth Van Tassel. Thank you to those that contributed to the cost of the stone placed in memory of Stephen John and Maria Elizabeth on the 22 Oct 2006.The idea came when it was found that the old homestead was burnt down & there was nothing left to remember these two pioneers of Digby anymore. From further research it was found that there was no headstone on their grave so after meeting on line about other matters,cousins Norm and Brian formed a two man committee, the idea was born, the project started and completed. Today we have a fine stone on our grandparents restingplace for a reminder to all. On the back of the stone are listed the names of the children of Stephen John and Elizabeth. Those that pass by may now look, pause for a moment and maybe say a prayer and a thank you to this couple who were responsible for setting the pace for many of us that are here today. A special thank you to Rev. Smith for the blessing of the stone, to all those that attended from Digby and other parts of the Province of Nova Scotia, to those that put on the luncheon namely Bonnie Van Tassell the hostess, Pauline Tangredi and Evelyn Sullivan for assisting in the preparation of the food. Also a special thank you to those that dug into their pockets and made a donation to the Memorial to help offset the cost. They should be recognized regardless of the amount as the thought was there and we appreciate their support.They are: Alderdice Linda, Great Granddaughter; Buckley Myrna, Daughter and last surviving member of that family; Buckley Willard, Grandson; Carter Lori & Dugald, Great Granddaughter; Dooly Clayton, Mrs Marian E Cowan wife of Ronald Cowan, son of Thomas Cowan & grandson of Stephen John, Everett Sandy, Granddaughter, Edith & Gleason Hogan,Granddaughter, King Ann, Great Granddaughter; McKeil Evelyn, Granddaughter; Parson Dorothy, Granddaughter; Sandy McKeil Great Granddaughter; Sullivan Evelyn, Granddaughter; Tangredi Pauline, Granddaughter; Van Tassell Bonnie (Vaughn); Granddaughter; Van Tassel Brian, Grandson; Van Tassell Dale, Great grandson; Van Tassel Jason, Great Grandson;Van Tassel Neil, Great grandson; Van Tassel Norm & Lynne, Grandson; Van Tassel Gilbert Stephen, Great Grandson; Van Tassel Wayne, Grandson. To those that could give, we thank you for supporting this project and seeing it to its completion. Enjoy the following pages and if we can be of any help to you or if I have entered the wrong name or date, please let me know by mailing me at

May the road be smooth and free from bumps
for the rest of our journey here on earth.

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